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Trap House by justin guthrie on Flickr.

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America and Sakura | /// |

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hyuk oh / ph. sweater15 

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mino birthday

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a weekend of love and eye fancies.
(february, 2014)

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Hair, Colors Magazine. (October 1997) 

dookie dreads

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just wanted to show off my spoils from new england zine fest!  from left to right, top to bottom:

  1. rune glifberg does christ airs for your salvation by jenn ziel
  2. lemon folk by hgpress
  3. "curing cancer" year one by ollieottoman and emily yoder.  ollie sat at the table next to mine and shared some dried apples and was overall an amazing neighbor!
  4. no one look at me by jess riz
  5. hot pink by black and pink (thanks witharmsakimbo!)
  6. seven stories by ollieottoman
  7. year of the scavenger by elle darling and holycalamitystudios
  8. end credit blighters ep from holy calamity’s table
  9. i see the first crocus by blisteringmoon
  10. zodiac fold-out by amadeus mag
  11. utilidor by michael floering
  12. (above) it’s all the same walk by mapleymapley
  13. (below) high-ku tape reviews 4 me & u by emily ike, mia radic, and chris collins
  14. issue 2 of halflingzine
  15. (above) infinite scroll vol. 1 issue 1 by tim and will
  16. (below) unexpected treat! by thechubbybehemoth and oxenfreeoxenfree
  17. a bunch of original illustration cards my tablefellow dizh!  i’ve gotta add here that she was a great person to sit with during zine fest…i couldn’t get enough of these illustrations she was making, she must’ve drawn at least 25 of them, super speedy and with no references!  fantastic, be sure to check out her comics.

not pictured is an adorable minizine by flavorgrave i’ve wanted to get my hands on since the treat yo self show a couple of weeks ago!

i had no idea what to expect from this event.  bostonhassle did an amazing job running things and i really enjoyed meeting the friendly artists and attendees who swung by the table.  my only wish is that i’d had time to go to the workshops and discussions that ran throughout the day.

i made two new zines of old (and some new) poetry for the event, but wasn’t able to get decent copies of them in time so i decided to hang onto them for a little while longer until i can do that.  very happy and inspired now.  :)

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seoul sunset from my floor

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